SKI ZAKOPANE - frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to wear for skiing / snowboarding?
  • Even if you are planning only one day on the slopes I recommend to buy thermal shirt and pants, ski socks (long and thin but warm) and ski gloves. Ski jacket and ski trousers can be rent for 70 PLN per day. If you are going to ski for longer than a day you can consider buying your own ski clothes - if you are looking for the cheapest option you may visit a second hand shops in your country, or here, in Zakopane. Please don't forget the long, thin socks.
  • Are the ski / snowboard lessons conducted in English? Yes, they are. Some instructors speak better English, some worse but basically all the lessons are conducted in English.
  • Do all the lessons are run by the same instructor? No, the lessons are run everyday by different instructor. I hire instructors from the ski schools belong to the ski centres because they are allowed to get on the ski lifts (with their students) without queuing. I’ve decided to organize my ski courses like this for I want to show you different ski centres during this course and I want to avoid queuing for the ski lifts during the lessons. I just think that the ski lesson is so expensive that it is not fair to spend half of it waiting in a line for the ski lift while the “local” ski instructors with their clients don’t have to queue. If you book your ski course early enough I have a chance to book for you the best English speaking instructors and to arrange the lessons in the good, morning hours.
  • We are all snowboarders. Do you have an offer for us? Yes, of course. Just inform us that you need to rent boards and that we've to book snowboarding instructors for you.
  • Our group is mixed - two skiers and three snowboarders. What can we do? I will book two instructors for you - one for skiers and one for snowboarders.
  • We haven't booked accommodation in Zakopane yet. Can we book one of your ski course? Yes, you can. You'll let us know your address in Zakopane later. We can also help you to find nice place to stay if you wish.
  • Does your taxi pick us up directly from our hotel and bring us back to the hotel in the afternoon? Yes, exactly.
  • What time should we go back from the ski slopes? You decide what time you want our driver to take you back to the hotel after the ski day. You just have to send me a text message with the suggested picking up time at least one hour in advance.
  • Does the price include insurance? No, insurance isn't included. I suggest to take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a replacement certificate for your ski holidays in Poland.
  • Only two of our five need ski lesson. Is there any chance to reduce the course price? Yes. Just choose the course, click book now button and send us an e-mail with the information how many people want to have ski lessons.
  • What is the minimum age of kids who wants to join the course? In my opinion a minimum age for kids to start skiing is 4. Notice please that if you have any kids under 7 in your group you will probably have to book an extra instructor for the first days. Small kids need individual care before they are able to stop and turn by themselves.
  • What should we do with our ski equipment after we finish skiing? You have to take it with you to the hotel for every day you will ski in different ski centre. On the last day you will return it to the ski rental.
  • Should we take our shoes to the slopes? If you are going to spend all day on the slope I suggest to take shoes because you need to have one longer break to let your muscles (and feet) rest. I also recommend to put on the ski boots in the hotel so you are ready for the ski lesson just after you get to the slope.

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